About us

Who are we?

We are family and friends who enjoy travelling and playing games together.


We endeavor to build touristic scavenger hunts that mix easy and tough challenges that are family friendly and fun while providing insight and discovery about the city you are visiting.

We enjoy traveling, movies, music, games, and room escape challenges. We figured if we’d have fun building and testing these Tourist Scavenger Hunts, you would also enjoy doing them. We love this new way of discovering a city via a walking tour with various challenges to learn about its history and discover our next destination.

Simple And Fun

Each Tourist Scavenger Hunt is around 20 steps, 2-3 hours in duration on a 5-6km circuit which brings you back to the start.

Samuel Parent

Samuel Parent

Digital marketer (25 years’ experience) and world traveller. I was initiated to travel by my family at an early age with whom I visited England & France, California, Washington State, Hawaii and Australia, as well as British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec in Canada.

How we do it

  • We plan our trips extensively and prepare the scavenger hunt in advance.
  • We then test it on the ground and complete it with things to do and see that being there offers.
  • We build the Tourist Scavenger Hunt online and have friends test it to ensure its ease, smoothness, and comprehension.

Genevieve Marquis

Geneviève Marquis

An accountant by trade, world-traveller by passion. I love planning our trips in detail with my friend Julie.

Why we do it

We’ve done a few scavenger hunts like these from other providers and really enjoyed them. We also had plenty of ideas and info we thought should be included. When Geneviève suggested, “we could build one ourselves,” that was all Samuel needed to start work on Tourist Scavenger Hunt. It is now an integral part of every trip we plan and take.

Julie Mainville

Julie Mainville

Why it’s going to be fun for you

Along each scavenger hunt, we try to mix up the types of challenges and their difficulty levels. Some are simple, others are tougher. None are too complicated. We also include any movie, musical and historical information we can at every stop to make this a learning experience as well.

Google Reviews

Julie LeblancApril 4, 2021
Ottawa! j hésitais entre un 3* mais je donne un 4* car je trouve que c’est une super belle idée comme chasse au trésor quand tu connais la ville. Si vous avez à respecter un horaire je vous dirais de partir plutôt pour trouver un stationnement. Les parcomètres fonctionnent au 2H pour 6$ et vous devez revenir pour prendre un autre coupon à ajouter dans la voiture. Difficile de trouver le point de départ. Le site donne seulement une adresse qui est le centre rideau (centre commerciale). Dans une ville que nous ne connaissons pas, cela est très difficile de s’orienter alors en une heure, nous avions fait que le 1/4 de la chasse. J’imagine que cela serait très intéressant dans une ville que nous connaissons, afin d’apprendre aux enfants l’histoire. faut effectivement avoir une bonne batterie sur son cellulaire, de l’eau et des collations. Bref, peut être nous le ferons à Montréal... (Translated by Google) Ottawa! I hesitated between a 3 * but I give a 4 * because I think it's a great idea as a treasure hunt when you know the city. If you have to respect a schedule I would tell you to leave rather to find a parking. Parking meters run at 2 o'clock for $ 6 and you must come back to get another coupon to add to the car. Difficult to find the starting point. The site only gives an address which is the curtain center (commercial center). In a city that we do not know, it is very difficult to orient ourselves then in one hour, we did that the 1/4 of the hunt. I imagine that would be very interesting in a city we know, to teach children history. must actually have a good battery on his cell phone, water and snacks. In short, maybe we will do it in Montreal ...Frenchie FamilyAugust 16, 2019
Vraiment bien! Nous avons fait le rallye Vieux-montreal en famille et c’était génial! 2 enfants de 11 et 14, ils ont vraiment aimé! On a pris notre temps pour le faire! Petit pic nic près des écluses! Vraiment une journée magnifique à découvrir le Vieux Montréal tout en s’amusant! A refaire! (Translated by Google) Really good! We did the Old Montreal rally with family and it was great! 2 children of 11 and 14, they really liked! We took our time to do it! Little pic nic near the locks! Really a wonderful day to discover Old Montreal while having fun! To redo!Michèle BoivinJuly 22, 2019
Ray BédardJune 11, 2019
janique dutrembleMay 31, 2019
Jordan PlamondonMay 11, 2019
I tried the Paris hunt on my last trip and enjoyed it a huge deal. Paris is beautiful, this hunt makes it a lot of fun on top of that. Try it, it's worth your time and you'll fall in love again. J'aime tourist scavenger hunt Paris!!Jean RodrigueJune 4, 2018
Nous avons bien apprécié le scavenger hunt dans le Vieux Montréal. Beaucoup de choses que nous ne savions pas sur notre propre ville! (Translated by Google) We really enjoyed the scavenger hunt in Old Montreal. Lots of things we didn't know about our own city!Réseau APCMJuly 13, 2017
These scavenger hunts are really fun, challenging at times, but they are balanced. No fuss on how many people can participate and they always bring us back where we started!Samuel ParentJuly 13, 2017
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