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You can play a scavenger hunt at any time. However, it is recommended to do it during the day, as long as it is not raining as they require you to walk outside.

You can buy a scavenger hunt at any time. However, for timekeeping purposes, we recommend you do not activate it until you are at the start location ready to begin.

No. All locations you will walk to and through are open to the public freely. The only cost you may incur if you did not plan accordingly is bottled water along the way.

The ideal team size is between 2 and 6.  You can split up into teams, each buying your own scavenger hunt, in order to compete for bragging rights of who will have the best time and the most points.

You should bring a water bottle, hat in case you need it, sunscreen as you’ll be outside for 2 or more hours, an umbrella in case it rains. Most importantly, as you will be using your smartphone throughout this adventure, it should be fully charged before starting. Bringing a battery charger would not be a bad idea either.

No. We endeavor to make this adventure as fun and as simple as possible. Of course, there are challenges along the way which will require you to find objects around you, counts things and even search online for information. Instructions are very explicit and detailed so as not to mislead you. We want you to enjoy your hunt, so you’ll want to do another in the future 😉

Are you organizing a corporate activity, or an event for many people? Do you want them to complete a particular scavenger hunt during your event?

Note that the ideal group size in performing a scavenger, so that everyone has fun and feels involved, is between 2 and 6, however, there is no actual limit to group size.

We can offer a 20% discounts when you buy 5+ groups at once, for the same hunt (i.e. they would do it simultaneously, or almost).

Use promo code TSHBIZ20%. It is only applicable to 5+ packages bought at once.

Further, if you are buying many groups at once, we can invoice you if that is more convenient. This, however, should be set up 1 month ahead of time. The delay is to ensure payment is processed and that individual group leaders get their accounts set up properly so they easily start their scavenger hunt when the time comes. This last step is set up automatically when bought online.

Yes, most definitely. While it is a fun activity for a group of friends, it is also designed with families in mind.

Most challenges require observation and/or counting things. These are easy for children to participate in.

The only thing to consider is that these scavenger hunts vary from 3 to 5 km / 2 to 3 miles all depending on the chosen location.

The indicated time for each scavenger hunt is the approximate time needed to walk from start to end, with time to solve the various challenges.

Some people either run or do it on a bicycle in under an hour. Others stop to visit most of the sites, or to eat, along the way and take all day. Others yet have split it over 2 days.

There is no time limit to respect.

No. There is no human guide to point you in the right direction. The guide is the instructions you will receive on your smartphone.

There is no fixed timetable. The is no human guide to accompany you, only the instructions on your smartphone.

You can thus start a tourist scavenger hunt whenever you wish. Only be aware that it is recommended you do it when most sites and museums are open. This is in case you need to ask a question of someone. However, it is not an obligation.

We occasionally run promotions with Groupon, Fever and other local partners in the markets where we have a Tourist Scavenger Hunt.

Once you’ve purchased our hunt from them, you need to “buy it” again on our site using the COUPON CODE they will give you. It looks like this : xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. The price will be $0 as you’ve already paid for it.

Then, follow the instructions in the email you will receive for your next steps.

Should it rain, or any other unforeseen event occurs which would stop you from completing the scavenger hunt, don’t worry.

First, start by saving your progress. Then, remember where you are at geographically, such as your current intersection. You can return here later in the day, or on any other day, to continue your scavenger hunt.

When you return to the same location where you previously stopped, you will need to log into our site. From the “Your Account” menu select “Scavenger Hunts” to reload your selected hunt. It will pick up where you left it.

Yes, you can buy more than one, however, they must be separate purchases – each associated with a user account that will perform the scavenger hunt.

You can go about this a few ways.

Individual Purchases

A good team size should be between 2 and 6. Select a team leader for each team and each buys the same Tourist Scavenger Hunt.

Group Purchase

Alternatively, you can contact us so we can have you pay once, either by credit card or by invoice. Then we’ll supply you with your own unique coupon code to distribute to your team leaders.

Each team leader will then proceed to “buy” the Tourist Scavenger Hunt using the coupon code to gain access to the same hunt.

Do you have another question? Do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll strive to respond rapidly to your inquiry!

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