amsterdam tourist scavenger hunt

Amsterdam 3-hour self-guided walking tour and scavenger hunt

Are you looking for things to do in Amsterdam? The Amsterdam scavenger hunt takes you through the heart of the city to see all the sights! You will walk from Centraal Station to the Rembrandt House Museum while taking a few side trips and taking on challenges. All the while, you will learn some local history get valuable local tips.

This activity is adapted for social distancing. Do it in a small group (up to 6). The guide is our mobile website, on your smartphone. Go at your own pace, no time limit. No need to touch anything or enter any building.

You will see

  • Damrak Canal
  • De Bijenkorf
  • De Nieuwe Kerk
  • Royal Palace
  • Red Light District
  • Amsterdam Museum
  • Allard Pierson Museum
  • Rembrandt House Museum
  • Church of Saint Nicholas
  • Central Station

We visited and walked this tour in the fall of 2017.

Amsterdam Scavenger Hunt Specifications

  • Starting Location: Damrak, pier 5, 1012 LG Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Distance: 4.8 km / 3 mi
  • Time: 3 hours
  • Method: Walk
  • Needed:
    • fully charged Smartphone with internet access (data plan)
  • Suggested:
    • bottled water
    • local street map


Amsterdam is the Kingdom of the Netherland’s capital. However, it is not the seat of the government, which is The Hague. It has a rich artistic heritage and an elaborate canal system. These are lined with narrow houses with gabled facades dating back to the city’s 17th century Golden Age.

The name Amsterdam is derived from Amstelredamme which roughly translates into a dam on the river Amstel, where this city’s roots are located in the 12th century.

Some famous residents of Amsterdam include the diarist Anne Frank, artists Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh and philosopher Baruch Spinoza. You will encounter elements of their past along this Tourist Scavenger Hunt.

Today Amsterdam is home to almost 2.5 million people when considering its larger metropolitan area, but only 850 000 in the city proper.

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